Practical 50th birthday ideas

Practical 50th birthday ideas

Turning 18 or 40 is considered as one of life’s most exciting milestones, so as turning 50.  Thus, many people are looking for practical 50th birthday ideas to make their special day more meaningful and enjoying.

Most people would usually correlate turning 50 to growing old or sometimes even death. But that’s not always the case.  In fact, there are ways to make this day more meaningful and enjoyable.

By doing some fun things, one can turn 50 without having to experience the fear of growing old that most people are really scared of. There’s really no need to do extraordinary things or overly complicated stuffs just to make this day as special as possible.

Start with the basics

If you want to make this day meaningful for you while keeping it fun for the people you want to celebrate it with, then you need to do some basic things. But before going into details, you should first identify things that make you happy and the people that surround you.

Do you have a favorite color or food? Integrating these simple details will make help you make your day a lot special. So here’s the thing, when planning your birthday, or if your looking for 50th birthday ideas, taking reference to things that makes you happy is the most basic thing to do.

Ask help from friends

If figuring out yourself what really makes you happy and integrating it to your party is difficult on you, then seeking help from some friends whom you are really comfortable sharing personal things with is probably the best option for you.

Other than asking your friends of things that they think might elate you, you may also ask them of some ideas that they would probably do if they were on your position. Gathering insights as many as possible is a very smart choice to generate multiple ideas and perspective coming from different people.

Here’s some ideas…

Just to give you a quick preview of some of birthday ideas from different people when they turned 50, this article will attempt to list some of the popular ideas from different sources.

Beach party

Who doesn’t love the beach? Everyone just loves the silky warm sand of the beach and the feeling of being young. But that doesn’t mean you’re too old for a beach party.

For as long as you still have the energy needed to go to the beach and party just like your younger years, then, why not? You have to remember that there’s no age limit to do things that make us happy.


Are you on for a one-way-ticket to any part of Europe? Europe is one of the best places to visit anytime of the year, not to mention that there are many places in Europe with famous attraction but very budget-friendly.

Grab your backpack and head to Europe, see what awaits you, and be ready to be amazed.

 Go sky-diving

Do you love the feeling of what they called adrenaline rush? Or you just want to conquer your fear of heights? Then don’t miss this chance to be up in the sky and see what you’ve been missing out your whole live.


Whether you’re the outgoing or indoor type of person, turning half-a-century doesn’t have to be depressing and melodramatic. In fact, there are a lot of ways to celebrate it in such a way that you won’t even notice that you just turned 50 years old at all.

The point is, you just have to be creative when planning your 50th birthday. There’s no preset rules on how to celebrate it. Come up with your own and you’ll see how you managed to enjoy it.

50th Birthday Quotes

In celebrations, we always find ourselves being asked to give a speech or short wordings for the person, may it be weddings or birthdays. Weddings, you can prepare. But in birthdays, it is almost always an impromptu one. Well disregarding debuts at this since it is a well-coordinated performance.

not 50

When one is celebrating his or her 50th birthday, then you as one of the guests are expected to can always do away to give that memorable speech. In order not to find yourself caught unprepared, here are some of the 50th birthday quotes that you can use and personalized for wishing a friend on a celebration of  a life spent for half a century.

Celebrate your 50th birthday in the best way possible with selected few people. If you are the son or daughter of the golden age celebrant, then ask the close friends to give out the best, funny and even tear-jerker 50th birthday quotes to live by.

Here are those words you can use for the speech or even to write in the birthday card.  Choose depending on the mood you want to convey to the celebrant.

If you want to be funny, a mathematical equation will always come in handy.  “50 is just 32 years of experience added up with 18 top score on awesomeness!”  

You can also use comparisons. “Dogs are aged 7 in humans counting.  Then, you are only 7. 1 years old in the dog world. So don’t freak out!” 

You can always use the Buddha and meditation quotes. “Life is better when you’re 50. You worry less and less everyday.”

Use that daily gardening for your 50th birthday quotes brain picking: “Turning 50 is like gardening. You weed out unnecessary things and nourish your body everyday.” 

Vintage is always on the topic. Age and wine seems always a great combination. “Vintage becomes rare. So does turning 50 with grace.”  “Wine is best when aged with time. Turning 50 is like turning wine. One becomes sour!” Now that would surely elicit a lot of laughter from the crowd.

Reminisce and use drama. They say getting older means reminiscing the past with fondness. So use this occasion to cull out memories, even embarrassing one to share. “I remember when we’re young, we remember every nitty gritty details of everything. (Use some example here of childhood or adult life moment). Now I can’t remember even where I put my notepad to put down the things to remember!” 

Keep up with the current trend and use this:  ”Fifty is not just a number. It is now Shades of Grey!” Alluding to the next sexy movie adaptation, ain’t it will make you sound so cool? 

These quotes we have shared you noticed are quite funny and only people who share your humor would find that funny. So make the 50th birthday celebration, whether it is your own or with someone else by using words to make it a celebration of laughter, camaraderie and great memories. Make it simple and personalize your messages and gifts.

As they say, Live with no regrets. Being older and having white hair is a sign of ageing. Er, no a sign of wisdom. Turning 50 is the new sexy. So own it and share it.


Ideas for 50th birthday for Women

Turning 50 years old is one of the milestones in someone’s life. Well birthdays are always a cause of celebration, a thanksgiving of sorts for a well-lived life. As the famous poet Sufi writer Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī more known as Rūmī wrote, Living is like sent by a King (the Creator) to live in another country to fulfill a task.

And we hope that celebrating the 50th birthday  is a life fulfilled. No regrets and full of happiness. Thus, it should be celebrated with fondness and to create memories. But it does not mean that you will spend it so lavishly but there are ways to be practical while celebrating half a century of mortality.

We acknowledge that there are different ways on celebrating birthdays depending on ones preference and also budget allocation. Men have their own ways of having fun, so does the ladies. Thus, we also came up for a list of ideas for 50th birthday for women!

These ideas for 50th birthday will sound ridiculous for some, while other think it would be very unique. Depending on your taste and the way you want to be remembered, you can customize these ideas and add a touch to make it more personalized.


First idea, ever heard of Paulo Coelho’s wife, Cristina Oiticica? When she celebrated her 50th birthday, Cristina asked the seamstress to make her a dress s he wore on her birthday with the name of 50 people who have inspired her. The name of these 50 people were stitched in the dress. She got the idea originally from the Princess Maria Louise of Norway who also wore  a dress with stitched names on her 30th birthday. Now this one great way to thank the people who sticked with your thick and thin of your life by having their names on your dress. You can also put the people you admire and those who have influenced you one way or another. In my dress, surely Bono, Angelina Jolie and Malala Yousafzai will be on my dress.

If you are into advocacy work and other causes, aren’t birthday the best way to do also fundraising? Why not ask your friends to donate instead the cash they will buy for you as gifts? We believe birthdays are blessings and the best way to celebrate it is to share it to anyone who are more in need. Give the donation to a local charity or orphanage. 

Another idea for making your birthday party a platform to raise awareness is to include a tree-plating activity! It is one great bonding activity for your friends and your family and the family of friends. Kids will not just celebrate the granny’s day but also learn the value of greening the environment. This activity is also a testament to the famous American Indian saying, that we did not inherit the Earth but rather it is just borrowed from the children. And with the many climate-induced catastrophes we have been experiencing, paying back is our obligation. And it does not matter if you are 50 or not. But hell, doing it when you’re on your 50 is one memorable statement!

You can make it grand or you can hav e simple dinner of thanksgiving with friends and family. Intimate dinners with few selected people who matters most are celebrations worth remembering. After all, it is not the crowd but the people in the crowd that would matter. Unless you are a politician of sorts and over-friendly with thousands of well- wishers, then a grander celebration fit for a queen will be on the list.

And if you’re one of the coolest granny in town and want to be alone, then take out that passport, book a flight in an unknown island and show your ultimate vacation in Instagram!

Being 50 is not the end. As they say, wine tastes better when it ages. So take on your 50th birthday fabulously!



50th Birthday Ideas for Men – Celebrating Half a Century of Life

50th Birthday Ideas for Men – Celebrating Half a Century of Life

Turning 50 may be considered an incredible milestone for any individual.  It is an event that certainly signifies a lot of meaning for the person’s life. Just like any other birthday celebration, it is a time for looking back to 50 wondrous years of life and a time for looking forward to even more surprises that the future has in store. If there is someone close to your heart that is about to turn 50, you have most likely realized how the occasion isn’t at all ordinary. Such is the case for both men and women. However, for this article, let us focus more on men who are to turn to the big 5 0. That person might be your father, your husband, a close relative or someone who has impacted your life in some way. As that person turns 50, you want them to feel special by letting them celebrate the day in a memorable way. Here, we are discussing 50th birthday ideas for men to help you arrange a special surprise for that man who has a special place in your heart.

By the time a man turns 50, it is understood how he has been through a lot in life. You might be thinking that he has everything that he needs and might find it hard to think of what exactly should be done on his special day. Let us narrow down different 50th birthday ideas for men so that it will be easier for you to plan out the memorable occasion.

Birthday Gift Ideas

So, what would a man who is to turn to the golden age of 50 like for his birthday? Of course, the answer for that question will be varied for different people and would be based on their respective preferences. But, wouldn’t it be great to add an unexpected twist when giving someone a present on their 50th birthday? Aside from all the serious meaning presents, giving the celebrant a fun gift will certainly break the ice when all else gets serious during his 50th birthday celebration. For more relevant and serious gifts, why not give him something that he will most likely use on a regular basis. For the more fun-themed gifts, there are gag books and board games which are intended to 50-to-be’s.

Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating a milestone year doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to come up with a grand party. It is true that some would prefer such a way of celebrating. However, you can also choose to go low-key and celebrate with only a few close loved ones. When planning the birthday party, it is good to take into consideration the celebrant’s interests and take note of who the guests are going to be. This is where the menu, invitations, and party theme are most likely going to be based from. But, whoever said that social gatherings are the only way to celebrate a milestone birthday such as turning 50? Well, you can choose to surprise the celebrant by treating him to a travel escapade or simply let them celebrate their birthday in the way that they want.

When celebrating one’s 50th birthday celebration, what matters the most is that the experience become fun and memorable especially for the celebrant. Hence, don’t ever forget to acknowledge this milestone birthday by making the celebrant feel special in a variety of ways. Also, give the guests a memorable party that they will truly appreciate even in the years to come. We all know that turning 50 isn’t always a reality for everyone so when the occasion arrives, it deserves to be recognized in an extraordinary way.

Pet Lover Birthday Present Ideas: Giving a Maltese

Pet Lover Birthday Present Ideas: Giving a Maltese

If you are one of those who have been considering dogs like Maltese to good birthday present ideas, the answer is yes. But of course, there are a lot of things that people must know about Maltese in particular before giving them to someone.

If you’re curious whether this dog do shed a lot, then the answer is yes and no. Yes, Maltese do shed but not that much as compared to other breeds of dogs that shed too much to the extent that when they do, you can expect dog hair all over your house from your couch to your food.

The next question that people ask is that whether Maltese can become a good pet and why it is considered to fall under birthday present ideas of today. Actually, the only concern that the receiver must look into about receiving a Maltese as a gift is its shedding behavior.

In fact, Maltese only shed once a year. Since the fur or hair of Maltese if more of human’s hair than most dogs’ coat, when they shed, their hair won’t go everywhere all over the house. Unlike most dogs that have double layer of coat, Maltese has only one-layered coat.

The shedding of Maltese is almost the same to that of Shih Tzu in terms of frequency and volume of hair being shed. So for those who have raised a Shih Tzu before they will have an idea on how much Maltese shed.

Is it worthwhile to give Maltese as gift despite its regular shedding?

maltese2Yes. Maltese shedding is regular. But as mentioned earlier, the shedding of Maltese is only once a year unlike most dogs that shed twice or trice a year. This dog’s shedding is more of a physiological occurrence to renew its hair for the coming year.

It is very vital for Maltese to shed their hair as this is part of a natural occurrence that most dogs do. So for people who own a Maltese that shed their hair, don’t worry, that’s nothing to be worried of.

However, if you noticed that the dog’s shedding has became frequent and the dog sheds too much hair, this might be a sign of a medical concern. When this happens, it is best to consult veterinarians and other animal health professional to help assess the dog if there’s something to be alarmed of.

Anything that is too much and not ordinary may signify that there’s something wrong with the dog. So for owners, be vigilant for possible problem of your dog’s shedding.

Planning the 50th Birthday Party Decorations

Planning the 50th Birthday Party Decorations

If you or you know someone who is about to celebrate their golden birthday, planning the appropriate 50th birthday party decorations is crucial. Since a person’s 50th birthday is a major milestone to every individual, planning it very carefully is important to ensure that every detail of the party will fall into the right place.

It is a fact that organizing even an ordinary birthday or whatever event for that matter is a tiring experience. If you are a person tasked to organize someone else’s birthday, getting some help from other people and from available resources can make your quest very worth remembering.

When choosing among 50th birthday party decorations, several important things must be taken into consideration. In fact, decorating the party venue itself is as crucial as planning the whole event. Thus, the person organizing the event must invest a lot of time and effort in ensuring that the venue will complement the general theme of the party.

Personality matters

It is a basic and a common practice to take into account the birthday celebrator’s personality when decorating a party event. The celebrator’s personality is an important aspect to consider when designing an event venue. If you know the person for quite a long time now, you will now have an idea on what will be the general set up of the area.

Consider the theme

Of course, the general theme of the party does matter. After you have gathered relevant information about the celebrator’s personality, next is to take a look on the event’s theme. If the party’s theme is quite unrelated to the celebrator’s personality, you work on it. Despite the fact that the party’s theme as well as the celebrator’s personality are in opposing poles, you can actually find for similarities and common grounds. From there, you can create a mind map on how you will approach your decoration endeavor.

How Prepare 50th Birthday Party Ideas

50thbdayWhen organizing a birthday party, especially a 50th birthday, there are things that must be taken into account to make the event memorable. When choosing the right 50th birthday party ideas, party organizers must invest a huge amount of time to ensure that the event will go as smooth as possible.

Prepared ahead of time

One of the most important parts of preparing an event particularly a birthday party is preparation. Without a proper preparation, everything will not come into places and who knows that supposedly fun and memorable day might be ruined.

People might be asking when is the perfect time to prepare or how many months ahead one should start preparing for a birthday party.

In most cases, it is best to do the preparation weeks in advance so you will have ample time to foresee possible issues and concerns that can be addressed by due diligence. For best results, don’t do the entire preparation yourself, instead, get as much help as possible to ensure that everything will go smoothly according to plans.

Have a direction

It’s a common practice to have a game plan when doing the preparation. If you think it’s too much for you to handle all the needed things to be done, it won’t make you a lesser person if you will just ask for assistance and a helping hand.

If you have a clear direction or plan on how the party will look like, everything will fall into places. If you ran out of brilliant right 50th birthday party ideas, don’t despair as there are many helpful ideas out there that you can actually use.

In a nutshell, the key to a successful event organizing is planning and a clear direction. If you have these two major ingredients on hand, there’s a greater possibility that you will have a successful and eventful birthday celebration. Just remember and follow these two main key points and you won’t get lost.

Celebrating 50th Birthday the Best Way

Celebrating 50th Birthday the Best Way

If you’re one of the thousands of people across the world who are searching for ways on how to celebrate 50th birthday, then you just found the right place to start your research.

When you’re still thinking of things to do on your birthday, doing new and cool  things on your 50th birthday is a very smart choice considering that you only turn 50 years old once. If you’re not the birthday celebrator and you are just preparing for someone else’s birthday, then doing it the right way is something that everyone must strive since someone has entrusted their birthday celebration on your hands.

Ask for details

If you don’t have any idea on what the person wants for his or her birthday, asking that person’s perspective on how they want their birthday to go is probably the first and the most basic things before starting off. The more specific the details are, the better and easier it would be for people to come up with more detailed plan.

This too applies if you’re the celebrator. Before anything else, you have to know for yourself what are your plans and expectations for your birthday. You should at least know for yourself how to get those expectations done the easiest way.

Planning is the key

Every successful event always boils down to proper planning and proper planning takes a lot of effort and time. Part of the planning process when preparing for a party event is knowing the birthday celebrator’s expectations.

From those expectations, all the planning’s objectives will be based. In order to come up with a fun and lively birthday celebration, combining the planning key and asking for details are among the keys successful planning.

Thus, it is very crucial that people who are about to celebrate their birthday or preparing for someone else’s birthday should invest enough time, money, and effort in ensuring to a smooth and successful birthday event.

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